Hal met steenstrips en gietvloer die doorloopt tot in de woonkamer. Door Remy Meijers (in 1995 cum laude afgestudeerd aan de HKU)

Waterfront Apartment Decoration in Amsterdam by Remy Meijers

This elegant apartment is situated upon the River Ij, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was designed by Remy Meijers. The interior is brimming with sophis

Mirrored doors over part of storage behind bed head wall?                                                                                                                                                      More

Sun filled bedroom features a bed dressed in a white and gray quilt situated across from a freestanding clothes rack placed in front of a window alongside a closet finished with sliding mirrored doors.

als er wat hout over is....leuke bloembak met huisnummer en namen er op.

als er wat hout over is. With number of your house and your names

Dru Metro 100XT gesloten inbouw gashaard

Pioneers of the contemporary fireplace & originators of hole in the wall fireplaces, the Platonic Fireplace Company was founded by Henry Harrison in

Thanks to their skinny, adjustable shape, they're super helpful around the house.

You could use the tension rod across the back of a cabinet as well. I don't have large drawers. pot lids are held in place by a tension rod placed across the front of a drawer.