Leaf printing

DIY Leaf Stamp is a photo, craft tutorial using the natural pigment in leaves to make a stamp on stationary or other surfaces. - My DIY Tips

Narcissen, kleurpotlood op papier. Groep 3, maart 2014

Narcissen, kleurpotlood op papier. Groep 3, maart 2014

Krijt en stempelen met een wattenstaafje. Als je er een bovenuit laat steken: ma-de-liefste voor Moederdag :-)

Wild Flowers: black construction paper 20 x 8 cm colour pencils tempera paint Q-tips saucer Draw a lot of flower stems on the paper with several colours of green. Stamp the petals above and between the stems, using tempera and q-tips.


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Flower Dissection

Add volumes of learning to dissections with a piece of paper and some string. Students were instructed to dissect a flower and label at least 10 parts through independent research. In effect creating their own real-life diagram.