Shepherd pantoffels, wanten en laarzen uit Zweden. Heerlijk warme schapenvacht produkten. Koude handen en voeten zijn vanaf nu verleden tijd!
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a collage of photos with people and dogs in them, including a woman sitting on a couch
a person holding something in their hands
two people sitting in the snow with a basket
Hipster, Denim, Style, Denim Jacket
two people are sitting on some steps in the snow and one is holding another person's leg
Ankle, Chukka, Ankle Boot, Chukka Boots
a man sitting on top of a kitchen counter
a teddy bear sitting on top of a bed next to a cup and saucer
Ugg Boots, Uggs
a man sitting in a chair reading a book and leaning against a stack of books
two ducks are sitting on the snow next to some people's feet and boots
a collage of four photos with the same woman in different outfits and hair styles