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Don’t worry, be happy

Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside. be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crwon and be sweet on the inside. new you new life. be happy.


the grass is green where you water it // Anelise Salvo Design Co. If you want a happy, healthy, "green" relationship, you must water it frequently.


Actions speak louder than words! LOVE is not about how much you say I Love You but how much you prove that it's true

Because sometimes the only happiness is found in the little ordinary things we tend to take for granted.

It's easy to find joy when things are extraordinary. However it is beautiful when you find joy in the ordinary.

Bill Nye the wise guy.

Bill Nye Quote, what a great thing for our E-gifted scholars to keep in mind and ask people questions to learn from the people they meet!

Soesjes met aardbeien.

Soesjes met aardbeien of iets anders lekkers/leuks erop geprikt.

Do what you love!

love relationship couple girl people cute quote sad quotes beautiful forever sky pain hurt alone broken i love you i miss you boy heart friend world cut cry star in love damn heaven Broken heart forever love

24 Things You Should Learn Before Your 24th Birthday. I'm finding that at 20, some of these things already apply...

24 Things You Should Learn Before Your I've got 5 weeks to learn 24 things, righty o

School Yard Buster Hates His Alphabet | Online Pin Board

funny caption little kid with cigarette this alphabet shit is really stressing me out

"I'm too fabulous for this crap." A little motivation to remind you how great life can be once you realize what a beautiful, unique and fabulous diva you are. Self confidence is a wonderful thing.