don't have kids copy this, but use with a real photograph of a landscape

Here& a simple landscape tutorial that illustrates the vanishing point perspective. & View and Vanishing Point Road PDF tutorial

Snowman Painting with Markers & Watercolor Resist! | Create Art with ME

Snowman Painting

In Art class, 3rd graders reviewed different types of lines; horizontal, vertical, zigzag, diagonal, dotted, dashed, and curved. They used different types of lines to draw the snowmen that you see. Next, 3rd graders reviewed the warm colors (red, orange,

warm/cool color bkgrnd snowman winter portraits - love this for after Christmas

MaryMaking: Winter in July

Moonlit Moose Original post can be found H ere This month in my MaryMaking Favorites class I am revisiting some of the favori.

Gelukkig nieuwjaar - vooruit en terug kijken -

Gelukkig nieuwjaar - vooruit en terug kijken -

knutselen winter - Bing Afbeeldingen

Choose a symbol of the Olympics - a sport, a pictogramme, a piece of equipment and use magazines pieces to give it texture.

Miss Young's Art Room: 4th Grade Value Snowy Landscapes

Talvinen maisema --- Another great idea for teaching value using shades and tints. The original poster of this project, art teacher Jessica Young, gives a great explanation of the steps and tips she used with her fourth-grade students.