The Lesson Cloud: Math Mosaics ~ this is a great idea!

The kids made self portrait mosaics and then found the perimeter, area, and fractions that would make their art piece a "Math Mosaic." Great for grade area, perimeter, and fractions

4th grade ~ Math ~ Fractions ~ art

Fractions/art grade and it includes math and art! Extend understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering.

Buy mirrors to teach symmetry

Use pattern blocks against a mirror to study symmetry -- smart! could draw half of a shape and have them build it then use mirror to draw rest of it until they get what it means.

mosaic ideas for kids | Roman Mosaic Art Project

Mosaic projects can be adapted for all ages. Just fol­low these direc­tions and use larger tiles and a smaller back­ing board if work­ing with young chil­dren

Make your own loom out of a shoe box lid and then teach your children how to weave using paper snakes - fun and easy craft to do at home

DIY Shoe Box Loom and Paper Snake Weaving for Kids

Easy to make Shoe Box Loom and paper snake weaving for preschoolers and kindgarten children to help develop fine motor skills with a fun craft project.