Cottage Kitchen from Anisa Darnell. love the style of the cabinets, the open shelving, the farmer's sink and the backsplash here! Imagine it with warm butcher-block counters and a hit of color behind the shelves.

Neutrale kleuren die niet wit zijn

5 prachtige neutrale kleuren voor op de muur die niet wit zijn

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Inspiratie gootsteen

Some Great Kitchen Ideas For You To Consider

Tegels Limburg - NIEUW!! Serie Mallor, lijkend op Zelliges, 6 kleuren, 10x10 / 6,5x20 cm -

Mallorca Grey Wall This contemporary Mallorca tile collection offers a tile with high shade variation and a slate/handmade feel in appearance mixed to bring a unique beauty and vintage ambience to any kitchen, bathroom or living space.