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mur ardoise If theses walls could talk. When guests visit, I wanted to have a fun way for them to leave a little message behind. So I painted the sheetrock walls with black chalkboard paint.

Wat een mooi tegel voor in de badkamer en dat icm betonlook!

Great idea for organizing your bathroom tiles Love the glass shower with the gorgeous green tile. This is the exact color.

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Fill your white tiles with darker grout. gives the boring white tiles a more graphic look

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black and white tile floor, claw foot tub, would love to take a bath with the window open feeling a nice warm breeze

Interiors / White square tiles. Brick pattern. Graphite Grout

Quintessential kitchen with white square tiles and black grout. Not required, but always pretty.

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DTILE is a tile system with rounded tiles and functional tiles. Cover any surface with a blanket of tiles.

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