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there are many toothbrushes in the cup with different colors and designs on them
Potloodhengels net visjes
there are many different colored glass blocks on the table and one is standing in front of them
made from old cd boxes, a little fishtank. Klein aquarium gemaakt van een leeg cd doosje. Met glasverf door de kids er aan de binnenkant laten beschilderen. Visjes zijn van foam, die heb ik gekocht bij Zeeman. ( AnneK)
a poem written in german with an image of a blue fish and the words winner
Als extraatje! Een opzegversje bij het boekje Winvis voor de Kinderboekenweek 2013. Meer lesmateriaal vind je op onze website of zoek via Google op Winvis!
an origami fish mobile is hanging from a twig on a branch with beads
paper fish, I can make this for the babyroom, attach it to the wall with maskingtape, easy and cheap decoration!
an image of cartoon fish and bunny
Летние поделки из бумаги своими руками
knutselen met stroken papier 1
three fish made out of toilet paper hanging on a clothes line with one person's hand
DIY Mini Koinobori - Japanese flying carp DIY - Squirrelly Minds
A fun fish craft out of recycled paper towel tubes and tissue paper. You could also use pages from magazines or old wrapping paper for the scales. To turn it into a motor skills activity, have students create the scales with large paper punches.
a paper plate with a face on it hanging from the wall next to some colorful streamers
Fine Motor Octopus Craft for Kids
Here's a fun summer craft for kids that also provides fine motor and counting practice~ A Paper Plate Octopus!
an art project with paint splattered on the surface and words written in different colors
Art With Aubrey
kids art projects
an image of a blue fish and a purple fish in the water with bubbles around it
Winvis - Digitaal Prentenboek | Digiprent
Kinderboekenweek 2013 - Winvis [Digitaal Prentenboek] een bord over sport
three cupcakes decorated with candy fish on a blue plate
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Cupcakejes vissen
two fish made out of driftwood sitting on top of a white wooden floor next to pebbles, Claim Your Brand!
vissen met takjes