**Utrecht, The Netherlands Love to shop here! Fifty tulips for €5,- our hyacints or roses... Depending on the season! And all the market people yelling !! Fun! Utrecht has 2 other markets beside this  flowermarket! Each saturday.

**Utrecht, The Netherlands Love to shop here! Fifty tulips for hyacinths or roses. Depending on the season! Utrecht has 2 other markets along with this flower market.

utrecht, netherlands

utrecht, netherlands - stayed here every time Ive been to the Netherlands. Love this place and always stay at the same hotel too :).

Utrecht, Netherlands - (Click the pic for full information about the place and more such pics)

Early Autumn, Utrecht, The Netherlands Autumn leaves changing color is just beautiful

Foggy Night, Utrecht, The Netherlands photo via transylvania

Foggy Night, Utrecht, The Netherlands; photo via transylvania - I am memorized by the fog in this picture. I love how the lights seem brighter and have a ring around them

Utrecht's canals, Holland Fun boat ride with friends. So interesting to see the wharves.

An university town, Utrecht is situated in the heart of Holland and is one of the oldest Dutch cities.

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