great simple trellis you can attach almost anywhere. Paint it black or any color and knock it up a notch! -hot tub privacy, gardening, landscaping, privacy barrier, DIY trellis Clematis in front yard

Planter-Supported Seating

Planter-Supported Seating - Romeo & Juliet Bench Tells an Impossible Love Story Between Two Trees (GALLERY)

I'm definitely doing this!  Saw on the "wrap it up in 45 minutes" FB page - 2 pallets + 3 pavers + paint = bar

Diy Crafts Ideas : DIY: Outdoor Pallet Bar easy project using two painted pallets and three conc

DIY Backyard Bird Feeder with a soda bottle and wooden spoons ~ Good kid craft and great to recycle. Love this idea. Just gotta find a soda bottle cuz we don't drink it.

Love this idea.... flowers in hanging light bulbs

Very cool idea: use old light bulbs for a festive vase to hang in the garden. (Cool Crafts With Light Bulbs)

I don't intend to end up living in an apartment for long, but I still think this palette garden is an amazing use of space, so creative!