You will need:  Dawn dish detergent  Glycerin (available at drugstores)  Tap Water  Drinking straws   Kitchen twine  Bucket  Scissors

String bubbles - 2 straws and 1 piece of yarn - string yarn through both straws, tie a knot, then rearrange into a square. Can do bubble 'windows' or use it to blow large bubbles. Get hand wet w/bubble solution and you can stick your hand through it.

Een 1,5 L fles doormidden snijden. Een oude slok om de onderkant van de fles doen en de sok doordrenken met afwassop of bellenblaas. En dan blazen maar.

this one sounds even easier to make: bubble snakes = easy quick craft. Cut the bottom off water bottle. Put old sock over bottom and duct tape. Add food coloring for fun. Dip end in dish soap mixed with a little water

Met een leeg flesje water en een oude sok maak je iets wat je kinderen FANTASTISCH vinden deze zomer!

How much fun will the kids have with this Rainbow Bubble Snake! It's an easy crafty idea that is really inexpensive.

Make beautiful big bubbles you can catch using your hands and some liquid soap

Soapy hand bubbles

Soapy hand bubbles that you can catch created with liquid hand pump soap

Landings & Takeoffs: How to Paint with Bubbles

Landings & Takeoffs: How To Paint With Bubbles

Er is niets leuker dan samen enorme bellen blazen! Men neme een hoepel, een kinderbadje en een flinke lading zeepsop....

fun for kids at a party - pool + hula hoop + simple solution = GIANT bubbles! tips include having a towel to clean feet before getting in pool, and adding glycerine to make super-strong bubbles