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a painting of a train track going over a bridge
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
Inspired by the Impressionists such as French artist Claude Monet, I strive to give a modern twist to traditional topics.
a man standing next to a piano in a living room
Video Idea
Next week I will be launching the second of three short films about myself. I will let you know as soon as they're online. To watch the first film, go to my website!
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
When we as a family traveled to the Florida Keys some time ago, I found myself watching the spectacular sunrise every morning. The light and color hues were constantly shifting. I saw beautiful abstract paintings appearing before my very eyes, radiating peace and quiet. You can find this and other paintings on lieuwekingma.com
an oil painting of flowers in a vase
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
At school I was immediately attracted to painting with oil on canvas, I spent most of my time at the academy working with this medium.
a painting of a lake with trees in the background
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
How does nature inspire you? One brisk autumn Sunday morning I was cycling along the Vecht River. I was struck by the palette of warm orange, rust brown and flaming yellow colors. It was like I was biking through one of Monet’s or Sisley’s paintings! I found the topic for my next painting right there.
an oil painting of a house in the mountains with trees and bushes on either side
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
Art school in Groningen taught me to paint through observation. My landscapes may look like existing locations, yet they come from my imagination, inspired by many places I've seen. I observe nature and then go home to make sketches. From then on, each painting starts to live its own life. You can see for yourself on lieuwekingma.com (go to 'Available Paintings').
a person is holding up a drawing in front of some books and papers with drawings on them
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
While growing up on the farm in Groningen, I would go outside to draw what I observed. This is my childhood home. The window on the far left is the window of my bedroom.
an oil painting of a plowed field with trees in the distance and snow on the ground
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
Travelling is important to me. This is how I absorb new impressions for my work. My vacations in Southern France provided me with a great deal of inspiration for many of my paintings. I'd love to show you my work. Take a look at my paintings on lieuwekingma.com
an older man is painting on the easel in front of a wooden wall and ceiling
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
Do you express your feelings by being creative? I am a quiet person, I’m not always easy to read. But through painting, I found a way to communicate with people in an alternative way. There is a lot under the surface of my paintings that peeks through.
a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground with her hands behind her head and looking down
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
I chose to go to art school in Groningen because of its robust academic traditional approach. I learned how to draw through observation of live models and nature.
an oil painting of a train track next to a body of water
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
You may have seen that there are no people in my landscapes, yet you can tell that each landscape has some trace of people having been there. A house, road, or simply a plowed field. I leave people out of my landscapes in order to not create the beginnings of a story, as I want all attention to be focused on the atmosphere of the scene itself.
a red brick house with white windows and balconies on the second floor is surrounded by greenery
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
My house in Hilversum is a family home, a gallery and a studio in one. It has eleven rooms, so there is enough space for all activities. I’d love you to come and visit my gallery during the exhibition in October.
a painting of flowers in a glass vase on a table with red and white petals
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
To enrich people’s lives. That is why I paint. By painting, I hope I can give something to the world to make it a better place. Painting makes me very happy, in return. Curious about my paintings? You can find them on lieuwekingma.com
a black and white cow standing on top of a lush green field next to a barn
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
I’m a farmer’s son from Groningen, a province in the North of the Netherlands. I have become a painter. There was a possibility that I would become a farmer, but my dad told me not to. He thought it wouldn’t be a good future for me. He advised me to follow my heart.
a man bending over to pet a cat on the floor
Lieuwe Kingma : Lieuwe Kingma
When you examine a painting upside-down, especially a realistic painting, it is easier to ignore the image and to concentrate on the abstract aspects of the composition: how shapes, colors and lines are organized on the canvas and whether they are well-balanced. It is my experience that when I am satisfied with the composition of a work when turned upside-down, then the painting is usually in balance in its upright position, as well. Read more on lieuwekingma.com