Remember these? :)

Do you remember the View Master? Love the View Master, Mom still has one at home.

door de warmte van de kaarsjes gingen de engeltjes draaien en lieten de belletjes rinkelen

Tradition Id like to start for baby girl! Swedish Angel Chimes are famous all over the world, and probably the most traditional Christmas decoration in Sweden. When burning, the heat from the four candles’ flames spins the angels which tinkle the bells.

Push Button Car Radios

Push Button Car Radios, and to set the button on a specific would go to the station you wanted, and pull the button out and then push it in again. I remember like it was yesterday.

Knijpers met plastic tussen je spaken

Using clothespins to hold a piece of plastic on your bike to make a clicking noise when you were riding.

Bij de V&D, was er niet bij weg te slaan! Als je er een dubbeltje indeed begonnen de aapjes muziek te maken!

De aapjesautomaat, bij de V&D. I remember this monkey automaton in the V&D in Haarlem, but there were 2 different ones.

milk cans

I can remember my grandmother having painted milk cans as decoration

Doseer suikerpot

Suikerpot, mijn oma had dezelfde, ahhhh wat is dat toch lang geleden.