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an image of different colored lines in the same color and size as well as text
A marcys-mareep Follow Check out got You too now? Emeralds are green It's like grey-ish red. Mostly grey. Sometimes red things are grey! And en does this mean finn's backpack is red to him, and BMO is red too? Is the treehouse red to him?? bisbossqueenpoison Follow Fin is Red Green color blind, most people who are red green color blind are white males. Eollow (via) cosmic-philanthropy I was wondering why all the comparison pictures were the same, then I remembered I'm colourblind... - iFunny
a comic strip with two penguins in bed and one penguin is talking to the other
Wholesome Memes And Comics That'll Make You Feel Good
two polar bears are sitting next to each other and one penguin is standing in front of them
Christmas Comics
an animal with a balloon on its head is looking at another animal in the same direction