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Hand crafted with care, this painted album will bring life to any space! This piece is made from an up cycled Vinyl album that was too scratched up to listen to. Red poppies are some of my favorite flowers, and are often used to memorialize loss. It also just adds a nice pop of color!

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a hand holding a purple lighter with green stars on it
polymer clay art
a hand holding a lighter in front of a pink wall with hearts and flowers on it
Butterfly lighter 🦋 💗✨ IG/TT: Highhappyhelper
two lighters sitting next to each other on a carpet
diy lighters
a person holding a small lighter with beads on it's side and a candle in the middle
Bedazzled lighter
two lighters with different designs on them sitting next to each other and the words baeflys
Lighter Case, Creative, Weed, Life, Pretty Pens, Gift
@lightzbyzo on insta
a hand holding a black and pink lighter next to green plants
Case lighter
a lighter with pink and white hearts on it sitting on a tile floor next to a ruler
a lighter with a pink ribbon on it sitting on top of a piece of paper
lighter case made of clay/ lighter case with bow
чехол для зажигалки из глины, керамика, банты, lighter case with bow, ceramics
My Airdry clay Green Bay Packers lighter is complete
I finally finished my GBP lighter case
a bottle with hearts on it sitting on top of a table next to a white wall