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Love the meaning of this tattoo. It's all about achieving inner peace no matter what the journey. #namaste #peace
Girl on Fire  by Jeanette LeBlanc via {}  #poem #poetry
i know i won't be sleeping tonight because there is a tidal wave of thoughts crashing down on me is it possible to drown in your mind?
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"Esos que duran toda la vida" Mind of Brando
“I wanted to tell you, but you walked out / your silence, never texts back / your phone, doesn’t reply / my words, find no voice to mail / your picture, has been stolen / I wanted to tell you, who I am right now / but you are always in a rush / answering questions never asked / and telling what course you like / no doubt, missing the words you mind / and the passion you want to find.”  f.  wolff
the uses of sorrow, someone i loved once gave me a box full of darkness it took me years to understand that this too was a gift, words, quotes
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