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1. Reverse Dumbbell Fly Breast Lifting Workout How to do Reverse Dumbbell Fly: Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Position your hands, palms facing each other, in front of your thighs with elbows slightly bent. Lean forward 45 degrees from your hips. Keeping elbows bent, squeezeRead More

Half Push Ups Breast Lifting Exercise How to do Half Push ups: Place hands shoulder-width apart on bench. Balance on hands and balls of your feet so your body forms a straight line. Bend elbows and lower body half the distance to bench to 8 inches).

Important Tips for Caring for Chinchillas

Caring for a chinchilla might be close to caring for your own child.they require a lot of attention.

How to Train Your Chinchilla

This video is a beginner's guide to training your chinchilla, whether you want to learn a few tricks or just watch a really cute animal, this video is perfec.

Rat cage set-up

You'll have a wonderful crop of grass'' in under a week. Cut a difficult parcel of fabric to size. You might locate these free somewhere, or they're just a few dollars to purchase new. Then there's the extra bonus of locating a treat.