Kerstboom van kransen

What a cute idea - stack different sized wreathes on top of each other to make a cute and unique Christmas tree!


Whether you buy one online or make your own, you should definitely grab a rose hip wreath and hang it up in your home!

Hydrangea, delphinium & ceropegia

Such a Pretty Hydrangea Wreath, with a Touch of Delphinium intermixed, via bijploon.

Use grapevines and random small branches and moss. seizoen & stijl

Use grapevines and random small branches and moss. seizoen & stijl- wrap pot with vine, use moss and pinecones

Floral wreath, hung on a Church door this is a lovely (and very removable) alternative to an over the door arrangement.

Baby's Breath Wreath on Church door- Fluffy gypsophila ( baby's breath) is an absolutely perfect choice for creating beautiful wreaths to grace your venue doors. This would make a beautiful Christmas wreath!

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Lavender Heart - French lavender and limonium/babies breathe - Wild Lavender Farm - Pretoria Mais

Christmas Wreath, Winter Berry Chistmas Wreath, Valentine's Day Wreath, Valentine Decor, Year Round Wreath, ALL WEATHER Berry Wreath

All Weather Berry Wreath, Red Berry Valentine's Day Wreath, Winter Wedding Wreath, Traditional Christmas Wreath


Advent Wreaths