Hulpstukje om singles op de pick-up te draaien

Hulpstukje om singles op de pick-up te draaien To go in the middle of a 45 rpm record so you could play it on a regular phonograph.

Bellen in de telefooncel

PTT telefooncel - Nog geen mobieltjes, can you believe it!

Leonora Talking Doll by Lili Ledy Mexico - 2 This is Leonora's mini-record player, similar to Sebino's from Italy. Put a mini-record on the turnable and close it. There is a battery that powers the mini-record player.

Autoloze zondag, jaren 70

Autoloze zondag, jaren 70 (We had new sidewalks and smoothed them out for others by getting skates that Christmas.

beertje colargol

Ik ben beertje colarcol beertje dat kan zingen do re mi fa sol la do ik ben…

Lego Family (1974) - I've still got them!

Ah, back before 'MiniFigures' there was a "proper" Lego Family :D 200 Family - Brickipedia, the LEGO Wiki