// concrete

Concrete kitchen in a loft in Lecco, Italy - design Renzi, Amadini, Dolcini, Thore. Added: used polished concrete with sharp lines to make the kitchen stand out and take over the space.

Indoor / Outdoor kitchen separated by steel doors - Modern architectural detail - Concrete floor - Exposed brick wall

Kind of into the whole open shelving thing lately // Loft kitchen- concrete brick open shelving

modern country kitchen

Greenhouse-Inspired Kitchens Lots of Windows and Light. Weathered wood cabinets and modern metal and glass.

rough concrete

Beautiful timber and concrete kitchen. Unfinished wood on the cabinetry and ceiling gives this space a rustic feel and blends nicely with the dark coloured concrete.

Living space- white ceiling, Dark floor, blonde & mid wood, copper, blue & green ceramic & glass

Jean-Marc Palisse Interior Photography