Keramiek art maybe 8th grade new project using the clay balloon?

grade ceramic project, great use of crackle glaze

set of 3 ceramic houses , made in high fired stoneware clay, painted with acrylic colors on Etsy, $70.00

Ceramic houses, high fired stoneware clay, painted with acrylic colors


In ‘Earth,’ the Work of Ceramic Artists Is Displayed

'Lineage: 5 Spiney Birds' by American ceramic artist Marilyn Richeda. via NY times

Keramiek (zoals aardewerk, steengoed en porselein) is een materiaal dat noch een metaal noch een polymeer is

Lady in red Ceramics

Inspiration for creating some morning doves for the garden with crackle glazes and the shorter legs.

3 White Nellie Birds Crackle Glazed

Nellie Birds White Set of Three Ceramic & Wire

Kleine en grote Berta 2, van haakkatoen 12 cm en grof knuffelgaren 28 cm. Je kunt een tekstlijst haken zodat je er  jou eigen tekst, wens of foto in kunt plaatsen. Cadeau voor een ander of mooi voor je interieur of kinderkamer

Awww I wanna make one for my baby girl

ceramic lamp

Heather Levine Ceramics "These handmade ceramic pieces will allow you to play with light and visual appeal in your own home, creating amazing interiors accentuated by her artistic vision. Made from stoneware with porcelain slip.

Stan Bitters, ceramic birdhouses volcanic glazes.

After seeing a vintage one [ here ], Ryan emailed to say that he has started selling new birdhouses by Stan Bitters in his shop South Willa.

Stan Bitters; Ceramic Birdhouses.

Stan Bitters; Ceramic Birdhouses.

keramiek van Anne-Miek Kursten

keramiek van Anne-Miek Kursten

Ceramic Bird House - Stan Bitters

Stan Bitters Ceramic Birdhouses from Modernica

At first this picture may seem a little odd, if not ugly, but with further observation you can see the creativeness in it, which makes it beautiful.

Dali face teapot titled Two Knights by Noi Volkov

Beatrice Hoffman

Bronze-resin Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines by Beatrice Hoffman titled: 'Questioning (Big abstract Modern female Head sculptures)'.

denise nielsen art - Google zoeken

denise nielsen art - Google zoeken



denise nielsen art - Google zoeken

Shoes carved in wood, high heel art shoes wood carvings