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there is a plastic bag hanging from the ceiling
Jellyfish From Trash Liners
Ocean Theme Art craft | yet such an amazing addition to our ocean sea theme
someone is trying to make something out of toilet paper and some sort of fish puppets
Visjes knutselen van Wc rollen en papier. Foto geplaatst door runeejj op
three jellyfishs are hanging from strings in the air with ribbons attached to them
25 Paper Plate Crafts Kids Can Make
Leuk! Een kwal knutselen van oud papier lintjes. Net echt! #DIY
colorful paper jellys hanging from strings in front of a window
Splish Splash Splatter
Onder water/zee thema idee. Een kwal in de klas!
an octopus decoration hanging from the ceiling in a room with other decorations on the walls
Octopus (groepsopdracht)
two glass jars filled with fish and plants