Print It: Simple Paper Ornaments

Zawieszki choineczki

Enfeite de natal - Árvore com linhas coloridas

Zawieszki choineczki (Coloured Christmas Trees) - Simple and beautiful DIY decorations using yarn/wool.

easy ornament

How to Make Christmas Ornaments

Great way to incorporate shape and pattern discovery into your holiday art: Shape Christmas Tree Sponge Painting~ Buggy and Buddy

Christmas Tree Crafts: Shape Christmas Tree Sponge Painting

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Shape Christmas Tree Sponge Painting. This easy shape Christmas tree sponge painting is a fun way to combine art and learning!

Tutorial for a Star made from pipe cleaner and beads

Tutorial: Stern aus Pfeifenputzer Tutorial for a Star made from pipe cleaner and beads

Kerststukje boomstam maken kerst 2013

Kerststukjes maken: 4x inspiratie

Kerstboom van kransen, bij action, xenos , wibra vindt je de spullen om zo'n mooie boom te maken.

What a cute idea - stack different sized wreathes on top of each other to make a cute and unique Christmas tree!

Paper Plate Christmas Characters: A classic craft that even toddlers can enjoy to help make.

Good craft idea for PALS! Paper Plate Christmas Characters: Santa, Rudolph, Snowman by Snelson Snelson Snelson Snelson Snelson Snelson Formaro for Kix Cereal