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The Shredder by huskmitnavn1

The Shredder by

HuskMitNavn donne vie à ses dessins

Copenhagen based artist Husmitnavn is having loads of fun in his latest series. He folds, crumples, and tears paper to make simple, unique drawings that appear to come alive when viewed from the right angle.

Über die unterhaltsamen Doodle-Arworks des dänischen Künstlers HuskMitNavn…

With a single sheet of paper and a pen , the Danish artist HuskMitNavn gives life to scenes both funny and moving. A good dose of humor and creativity can be fo


Brilliant Illusion Drawings That Add Depth to Everyday Scenes

HuskMitNavn creates paper cut outs and drawings which challenges paper as a material wrinkled, bended and twisted and becoming three-dimensional. Humorous and thoughtful reflections on life.