Scene of the Crime Writing: Set up a fake crime scene. Then have all students gather around and examine the scene of the crime. After they have all looked at the crime scene have them get into groups of two, and write a newspaper article about what happened. Take a picture of the crime scene, put on the bulletin board, with the newspaper articles around it. (Good for inferencing, drawing conclusions etc.)

set up a 'crime scene'-students draw inferences, writing project, and/or do some related forensic science experiments ~ love this idea. maybe not a crime scene for my kiddos but something similar

Runde's Room: Differentiation in Writing - Goal-Setting Clip Chart

Differentiation in Writing - Goal-Setting Clip Chart

Runde's Room: Differentiation in Writing - Goal-Setting Clip Chart! A neat thing to have in your room so that students have a way to be responsible for their writing goals. Students will want to be able to move their pins up.

Some fantastic free comic strip templates.

**All my kiddos want to do is comics** FREE COMIC STRIP TEMPLATES~ Great for kids to color, cut out, and glue to create their own comic strips.

Template of iPhone conversations as a template for a dialogue.

Neat way to teach dialogue between characters. Template for screenshot of an iPhone texting conversation.

Editing wheel for writing. (pic only - looks like the wheels are from super teacher worksheets)

Silly Sentences

Start with sentences. Writing prompts but in Spanish- help students by giving them a start point and spark creativity.

Elephant and Piggie Comic

Elephant and Piggie by Mo Willems! I love the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems! These books are fun, creative, and maintain the k.

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