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an old fashioned tea set on a tray Pottery, Antiques, Ideas, Metal, Vintage, Tin, Pewter, Antique Pewter
a shelf filled with dishes and cups on top of wooden shelves Barn Wood, China, Pewter Metal, Country Decor, Primitive Decorating
Winter Decorating Part 1
an old fashioned wooden shelf filled with lots of pots and pans on top of it
Looks Great ♥ This Decor
a shelf with plates and silverware on it Farmhouse Décor, Plate Racks, Kitchen Decor, Farmhouse Decor, Rustic French, Wooden Plates
Helen Norman Photographer | spaces | 8
pewter collection displayed on a wall mounted shelving unit | home decor + decorating ideas
an old wooden hutch with plates and bowls on it's shelves in a living room Country Decorating, Primitive Living, Primitive Cabinet
an old wooden table and shelf with dishes on it Country, Retro, Rustic Furniture
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in front of a book shelf Home, American Interior
Dogwood Farm
♥ displaying pewter and other collections
a metal tea pot sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase and other items Fashion, Winter, Old Things
What if winter is not a place outside?
What if winter is not a place outside?
a metal bowl filled with nuts sitting on top of a wooden table next to silver dishes Colonial, Nice, Southern Christmas, Primitive Country, New England Christmas
Online Photo Albums
Pewter and scored and dried oranges
the shelves are filled with pots and pans
a candle that is on top of a shelf with plates and pans hanging from it Interior, Colonial Christmas Decorating
Poor man's pewter
an assortment of pots and pans sitting on top of a table with pine branches Desserts
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Mantelpiece with pewter measures
an old china cabinet filled with pots and pans Architecture, American Country, American Decor, Country Design
a wooden shelf filled with silverware and dishes next to a framed painting on the wall Restoration, Colonial Decor, Old House
a book cover with an old shelf full of dishes and silverware on it's sides Crafts, Cottages
Pewter vignette - great blog post on decorating with collections of whatever
an old fashioned shelf with pots, pans and other items on top of it
a black china cabinet with silver dishes on it Pewter Cupboard, Primitive Cabinets, Primitive Hutch, Rustic Decor
Pewter cupboard
an old wooden cabinet filled with pots and pans next to a potted plant Architectural Photographers, House And Home Magazine, New England Homes, Interieur, Early American
2526-022.jpg | Brian Vanden Brink - Architectural Photographer
a dining room table is set with silver cups and saucers, plates and candles Homes
a pineapple sits on top of silver cups and spoons in front of a black cabinet Inspiration
an old china cabinet with a goose on top and dishes in the bottom, sitting next to a living room door Decor, Warm And Cozy, Room
an assortment of silver ware on shelves in a room with plates and bowls around them
a wooden shelf filled with dishes and candles Diy, Natal, Dekoration, Modern, Natale, Weihnachten
an old wooden china cabinet with dishes on it Country Cupboard, Hoosier Cabinet
Great Pewter Collection
an assortment of vases, pots and other items on a wooden table with a wreath in the background Antique, Decorating
Het lijstje van brocante
Antique Pewter
a shelf filled with metal dishes and pots Pewter Dinnerware, Hutch Decor, Primitive Colonial, Wind Farm, Beautiful Table Settings, Christmas Porch
Merry Wind Farm
Merry Wind Farm
an old wooden shelf filled with dishes and pans England, Farm House Glam
~Cabin Fever!
Home in New England, displayed pewter wares.....
an old green china cabinet with pots and pans on it's shelves in a room Cupboard, Corner Cupboard, Corner China Cabinets, Corner Cabinet, Redo Cabinets, Cupboards
Displaying Your Pewter
Pewter ~ I hunt down Pewter pieces myself. It lives in what was at sometime way back, a 6 Drawer Dresser. I do however LOVE this Corner (?) Unit. The shape of the glass doors must show the lovely patina of the Pewter very well....beautiful Pewter collection and Unit where it lives ~ <3
a shelf filled with lots of pots and pans on top of it's sides
a silver tea set with matching cups and saucers Antique Dishes, Pewter Plates
Antique Pewter
a shelf with plates and silverware on it
Everything But The House | My Favorite Estate Sale Picks + A Giveaway
Gorgeous pewter display!
a wooden shelf filled with lots of silverware
Gettysburg Homestead
.Lovely Pewter
a metal bowl and six cups on a black table with a spoon in the middle Punch Bowls, Punch Bowl Set, Punch Bowl, Silver Plate, Ironstone
Pewter Punch Bowl Set...wish I had this for the wedding.
an old wooden shelf filled with dishes and cups Rustic Home Decor, Mantle, Fireplace
a silver pitcher sitting on top of a metal bowl Antique Pitcher, Jugs, Vintage Pitchers, Heavy Metal, Brocante
Pewter pitcher and wash bowl
three silver pitchers are sitting on a shelf in front of a plate and wallpaper Pewter Display, Copper, Copper Brass, Early American Decor
Pewter Display - The Cranky Crow
an assortment of silverware is displayed on a shelf Tea, Primitives
a vase with some flowers in it sitting on a table next to plates and books Home Decor Inspiration, Decor Inspiration
Touch of old pewter and flow blue and levels created with old books
a china cabinet with plates and silverware on it's shelves, decorated with autumn flowers Halloween, Celebration, Holiday, Dream
a wooden table topped with plates and silverware Thanksgiving
a wooden cabinet filled with lots of dishes and pans on top of it's shelves