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there are many different colors and patterns on the wall
DIY Sensory Wall - Inexpensive and Easy to Make
DIY Sensory Wall - Inexpensive and Easy to Make
a sign in sheet with the name of events, hours, classes, seminars
Printable Sign In Sheets
Download the Sign In Form from
an open house sign - in sheet for students to write their own name and address
Forms At Your Fingertips!
The 2 Teaching Divas: Search results for sub report
the back to school routine is shown in this black and white printable poster with text
Back-to-School Routines & Procedures
Upper Elementary Snapshots: Back-to-School Routines & Procedures
there is an advertisement with the words teaching kids to struggle in green and white letters
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How do you teach a Growth Mindset? By letting students struggle and share. This activity has been used by thousands of educators to teach Growth Mindset.
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk with the words google classroom written above it
Introduction to Google Classroom
Introduction to Google Classroom
a facebook page with the words free vs paid sites and other things to do on it
Computer Choices
Great list
an image of a family tree with the words,'figure me out '
Back to School Tips, Freebies, and a HUGE Giveaway
I'm teaming up with the wonderful teachers at Upper Elementary Snapshots to share some fabulous Back-to-School tips and tricks for the upco...
the 20 ideas for increasing parent involvement
Comprehension Connection-Literacy Tips & Resources For Elementary Teachers
We need more Parent Involvement... PTO/PTA... (Think About It Thursday-Parents as Partners)
a close up of a piece of paper with an eyeball on top of it
Looking for information about teaching in intermediate grades? Math workshop? Problem solving? Best practice? Quality reading and writing lessons and ideas? Google Classroom and other 1:1 ideas and resources? Teaching tips and educational resources? With rigorous standards and new information about brain research and learning being released all the time, The Teacher Studio is a great place to come to for great teaching ideas, lessons,and products to help you be the best teacher you can ...
happy birthday cupcakes are in a bucket with ribbons and tags on them for someone's birthday
Student Birthday Gifts with a FREE Download - Appletastic Learning
Creating student birthday gifts can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be! Make each of your students feel special with this FREE download. Simply prep and give them away. Teachers at ALL grade levels will love this freebie and the ideas presented. Great for preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade elementary students. Middle School & High School teachers may give these out to homeroom students as well. Click through to get the birthday AND welcome freebie today!
five books with the title 5 freebies for back to school
Six Freebies for Back to School!
Five Freebies for Back to School - This includes brain breaks, Science, Social Studies, literacy, and math freebies for second grade.
the words do something amazing are outlined in black and white
File sharing and storage made simple
the back to school signs are lined up
Back to School Water Bottle Labels - Classroom Freebies
Back to School Water Bottle Labels Welcome back water bottles are sure to put smiles on your students' faces. They are a great cool treat on the first day of classes. click image to get your freebie There is a black and white version as well. back to school freebie water bottle labels
a brown paper bag sitting on top of a wooden table next to a sign that says, all about me bag
A Love for Teaching
All about me bag: beginning of the year I did this last year and the students loved it!
a person holding up a map with the words make reading an adventure any time on it
Free Printable: Reading Scavenger Hunt - Modern Parents Messy Kids
Scavenger hunts and reading make the perfect pair. Discovering new stories, interesting characters, or a great series builds your child’s love for literature as well as her motivation to become an independent reader. As parents we want to grow our children’s interest in reading but sometimes feel like we’ve run out of ideas on how to do just that. …
some paper cut out to look like minnie mouses with the words, chrysanthemum activities for upper elementary
Using Chrysanthemum in Upper Elementary at the Beginning of School
Teaching Fourth: Using Chrysanthemum in Upper Elementary at the Beginning of School
a person holding up a sign that says welcome to kindergartia
FREE Parent Flip Book Template Featuring Astrobrights Paper
Download a Free Editable Parent Flip Book for your Classroom
colorful birthday bags are hanging on the wall
Teaching With Terhune
Such a cute birthday board idea - little gift in each bag - birthdays done for…
the outline of a person's head is shown in black on a white background
Beginning of Year Activity: Student Selfies
This back to school activity is a favorite of my students. Back to school selfies promote getting to know each other and reading skills. Grab the free download while your reading.
back to school freebies for teachers and students with colorful stripes on the wall behind them
FREE Meet the Teacher Labels
Great post on folders for Meet the Teacher and other back to school freebies, including free editable transportation tags.
an image of a science notebook page with the words can you save fried?
Smart Chick
Interactive Science Notebook Freebie! ~ Can You Save Fred?
colorful polka dot printable name tags for teachers
Creative Ways to Line Up Your Class
Creative Ways to Line Up Your Class - freebie
several pictures of people making popsicles out of plastic bottles and straws with toothpicks
Five For Friday - First Week Back To School! Great first week activities... I really must try the "Save Fred" project!!
a hand holding an apple on top of a table with the words setting the tone in the first 10 minutes of the first day of school
Setting the Tone in the First 10 Minutes of the First Day of School
Setting the Tone in the First 10 Minutes of the First Day of School, from The Thinker Builder
some paper and candy bags sitting on top of a wooden table with the words using social media in the classroom
Awesome FREE permission slips for using Social Media in the Classroom - Twitter, Instagram, etc. Perfect for back to school packets!
two minion characters standing next to each other
Classroom Rules
Classroom Rules - YouTube Definitely showing this on the first day!
a person is cutting up some paper with scissors on top of it and the words potty pass are written in cursive writing
The Bathroom Solution: Potty Passes!
The Bathroom Solution: Potty Passes! This post is from a middle school teacher. Wonder if this would work with elementary kids too?
four wooden tables with different colored papers on them
Open House - Meet the Teacher
Open House - Meet the Teacher - upper elementary
four different types of crayons are shown in this image with the words, colors and
Labels for Classroom Supplies | Free printables from Scholastic Instructor Magazine.
a welcome sign on a table with toys and books in the backgroung
Serenade to Second Grade
so want to do this next year!!!!!
a black and red file cabinet with labels that say copy file grade on the front
File Drawer Label Freebie
2nd Grade Snickerdoodles: File Drawer Label Freebie
two bags of m & m's candy on top of a wooden table in front of shelves
First Day of School Activities for Big Kids - Teaching with a Mountain View
First Day of School Activities for Big Kids
a white board with green and red writing on it next to a wall mounted clock
Math Equals Love | Math Teaching Blog by Sarah Carter
First Day of School 2014 - Introductions, Circles, Rules, a Monkey, and More
a ketchup holder is shown on a table with a note attached to it
KETCHUP folder: When students are absent, place a "ketchup folder" on their desk and slide their missed assignments inside the folder throughout the day.
a paper cut out of an apple sitting on top of a table
First day of School Activity
First ten minutes of the first day of school can seem awkward! I want students to have something to do while we wait for everyone to put their gear away and get settled. This simple activity has worked well for me.
a pink and white sign that says, we're very worried about the back to school activities
back to school magic square puzzle freebie with pencils, eraser and crayons
HoJo's Teaching Adventures
Let your students enjoy the first days of school with these Magic Square Puzzles! These addicting puzzles will have your students match school supply pictures with the corresponding words. If you plan to use other Magic Square Puzzles in your classroom this year, these would be a great starter to help your students get the concept early in the year.
a guide to setting up procedunes by kristen smith for teachers and parents
Setting Up Procedures At The Beginning Of The School Year
the classroom party sign up is shown
I did it!!!! I'm a gerbil mama! (and class party freebie!)
Awesome party help sign up sheet!
a printable worksheet for students to use in the classroom, including an information sheet
Daily Report Homework Solution
Corkboard Connections: Daily Report Homework Solution