This page has great ideas and easy to follow pictures. But site is in sweden or dutch

So pretty! Make a cherry blossom tree painting with a 2 liter bottle. Any girl would love this in her room!

Simple Valentine's Day gift wrapping ideas

2 simple Valentine's Day gift wrapping ideas

heart shaped eraser stamp for simple Valentine's Day gift wrap -- The House That Lars Built.

Zo geef je insekten geen kans en kun je lekker van je drankje genieten. Maak deze gezellige schijfjes van strijkkralen. Je kunt ze ook als onderzetter gebruiken.

36 Perler Bead Crafts

Cute, but I would want the straw to have a space at the edge instead of the center. --Keep those pesky bugs from doing the backstroke in your drinks with these summery fruit themed DIY perler bead cup covers from on

Geschenkverpackung aus dekorierten Eierkartons | DIY Ostern Geschenk-Idee

Cajitas de regalo con cartones de huevos

✂ That's a Wrap ✂ diy ideas for gift packaging and wrapped presents - decorate egg cartons to hold little gifts

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