Lisa-marie De Leeuw

Lisa-marie De Leeuw

Lisa-marie De Leeuw
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Laat het sneeuwen! Want dan kruipen wij weg in dit mooie hoekje! - Tanja van Hoogdalem

Awesome collection of beautiful indoor swing chairs! Besides being a wonderful touch to your decor, they're just perfect for a serene relaxation.

Mandala Olifant Wandkleed

large ears- listen more hear all views small eyes-concentrate large head- never stop learning trunk- adaptable to all tasks stomach-digest and accept all good and bad in life

Cool Elephant Tattoo

20 Reasons Why You will Want to Get an Elephant Tattoo Elephants are revered for their memory, sense of sympathy, cleverness, and wisdom! We’ll look at their meaning and check out tons of Elephant Tattoo Designs

Love this

even though they say that time heals all wounds, the scars are still fucking there. i can't forget what happened.