Learning Numbers/Letters - Magnet Fishing

Magnetic number fishing, they add what they catch! As well as addition, develops hand/eye coordination, fine motor--I love this for magnetic letter fishing too! When they catch a letter, they say its name and sound.

Adorable craft for children using recycled cds...

CD fish Have any old CD's lying around? Make these fun fish with the kiddos. 13 kid-friendly crafts using recyclables

greater than less than alligator

A set of printable greater than less than alligators for teachers to use in math class.

Planters with Personality: All you need is a clean plastic bottle shell, a plastic bottle cap or lid, a couple of googly eyes, and glue!

Fun craft idea for kids. Science lesson about growing plants. Have the kids bring in an empty 2 liter to make plant pot and watch their plant grow!

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