54 Pins
an empty room with wooden furniture and shelves on the wall, along with a small stool
Yana Prydalna - No Black Project
a lamp and some books on a shelf in front of a wall made of bricks
Cotto Brick: Porcelain Tile
Cotto Brick exhibits a timeless charm where artistry and modernity coexist. This porcelain tile collection extends a handmade look with an irregular, yet smooth texture in a beautiful blend of earth tones.
an empty walk in closet with wooden shelves and clothes on hangers next to it
Modern wardrobe
a wooden wall made up of many different types of boards
a living room with a fire place next to a couch and fireplace in the corner
the room is decorated with rattan and wood
an empty room with sliding doors and a vase filled with flowers on top of a counter
a living room with a fireplace and potted plant
an open pantry door in a wooden cabinet