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Lise Duijvestijn

Lise Duijvestijn
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Bull Bay; drawing, Georg Dionysus Ehret, 1743. Museum no. D.583-1886. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Georg Dionysius Ehret, Magnolia grandiflora, Bull Bay, Watercolour and gouache on vellum. “ Ehret always favoured the pictorial rather than the diagrammatic style of botanical illustration.

dan and phil. I love how Dan truly smiles while around Phil. Not like just a fake smile to the camera but a nice one that we only really see when he's around Phil.

These are my two favorite images of Dan And Phil they just looks so pretty and happy and Dan's smile looks so real 😭😭

Danmander & Philachu :3 - Keep in mind that Phil is 27...I just love them.

Danmander & Philachu - Keep in mind that Phil is just love them. <<<<< not anymore, phiL IS 29 ! I feel disrespected by him.