Mooi! Heerlijke relaxplek, Ibiza droom ik er wel bij.....

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Hippie Boho Fabric Garland Room Divider Teen Room Nursery  4 ft X 7 ft. $75.00, via Etsy.

Hippie Boho Fabric Garland Room Divider It's a good variant from the bead dividers that make all that noise when you go through your door!

Hippie veranda

Outdoor bamboo shades can make the porch feel like another room altogether, Transform this space with hanging lanterns, a comfy couch and lush rugs.   Voor leuke interieur nieuwtjes en tips.  Interieur, ibiza, home, wonen, hout, woontips, DIY modern, zomer kleur boho

This looks like an old porch converted into a sunroom, maybe? I love all of the texture going on in this room (wood beams and floors, brick walls, linen shades, etc. I would love to have a space like this to myself when I want quiet to recoup or create.