#7. Use bubble wrap for floating flowers. -- 13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks

13 Tips On How To Arrange Flowers Like A Pro

Floating Flower Tip - Most flowers float pretty well on their own until they start to pool with water and slowly sink. For a longer lasting centerpiece, use bubble wrap to make little skirts for your flowers.

Verontschuldig je nooit voor wie je bent en waar je voor staat. Het is aan de ander respect te hebben voor jouw #eigenheid...

Never apologize for who you are and what you stand for. It is up to the others to have respect for your


{ Dare to fail lose the battle once don't strive for perfection embrace your vulnerability}

Groeien als mens doe je in situaties die moeilijk voor je zijn, dat is het…

apart from love, everything passes away. the way to heaven is in your heart. open and lift the wings of love.


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