Spelling/Sight Word Practice with sand in a school box!

I really like 2 of these.the paint writing one and the colored sand in a pencil box! By Live, Love, Laugh and Teach!: Spelling/Sight Word Practice Part 3 (sensory ideas to learn spelling).

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/158470857/abstract-artabstract-drawingfeather

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing

Simple Scissor Practice - This free printable will help toddler, preschool, and kindergarten kids develop confidence and coordination as they refine their fine motor skills.

Simple Scissor Practice

123 Homeschool 4 Me has a FREE Scissor Cutting Practice Pack. These provide much needed practice for preschoolers in fine motor skills.

groepsopdracht: begin met zwarte vormen, die elkaar niet mogen raken. Maak die vormen aan elkaar vast met lijnen. Vul alle vlakken op, en ga nog eens over de lijnen met zwart

Group Mural Idea: start with black shapes - no touching - connect with lines - kids get one color - walk around and paint shapes - go over lines with black again for pop

Oefenen met stokjes

Ateliers de manipulation type Montessori

WATER TRANSFER: Fine motor, lifting objects with various tools including large tweezers, chop sticks.

Vaderdag: ik hou van jou tot aan de maan en weer terug!

What a super fun idea! Looks like a little one's painting, some popsicle sticks for a ladder, and a cutout of your child pretending to climb. This would go great with the book "Papa, Get Me the Moon"

Word tin

LANGUAGE/LITERACY from dr. A great way to teach word families and CVC words for kids in preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and early childhood classrooms.

what the deformers do NOT want to happen....heaven forbid we have a thinking populace.....

The learning of facts is the dupe we are sold in the school system as education. It is training the mind deliberately NOT to think, but to repeat and reinforce

Muzische - geluiden en bewegingen van dier nabootsen

Muzische - geluiden en bewegingen van dier nabootsen

Kaarten cyclus van een kikker

Nature - A Child's Place: Frog Sequence Cards

We could do these at the beginning of the year with the student's face and their name.  The clothes pins will have the letters of their name.

Bremer's Kindergarten: Hot Ideas *I would put clothes pins on the bottom.like pointing L to R

Bouwkaarten kapla 2D / la maternelle des loupiots

kapla et clipo, mobilo,.

SAND AND WATER TABLES     Megan, we gotta try this. What do you think?

Sand and water

Kasper gaat schilderen (digitaal prentenboek)

Kasper gaat schilderen (digitaal prentenboek)



Kralenplank http://www.kleutergroep.nl/Kikker/Kikker%20index.htm

Kralenplank http://www.kleutergroep.nl/Kikker/Kikker%20index.htm