Counting/adding/rolling teeth

Adorable for dental health month {.yes, dental health month is February, but we didn't want to forget to feature this super cute math center!} or any other time of year, this hippopotamus numeral.

Here is a fun activity that will build your children’s knowledge about size. When you add tongs or tweezers to the activity children will be building on their fine motor skills---- You can really do therapy anywhere with anything!!

sorting snowballs, math and fine motor Even better if the writing on the jars was small, medium & large fonts


Crafts,Actvities and Worksheets for Preschool,Toddler and Kindergarten.Lots of worksheets and coloring pages.

Printable Doctor's Bag

Doctor's Bag Craft is an activity that allows the child to learn what a doctor carries around in the medical setting. They learn to get familiar with the equipment and aren't afraid of it when it is being used on them.

Apple theme ideas

This activity relates to the NCTM standard of sorting and classifying objects according to their attributes and organizing data about the objects. Students are sorting apples based on their color and representing the amounts of each in a bar graph.


Next year do a fruit basket collage and have a poster with sticky circles to see which fruit wins!

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Coloring for adults - Kleuren voor volwassenen