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an orange plate with a black bird painted on it and two paintbrushes next to it
many colorful umbrellas are hanging on the wall
a drawing of two pomegranates in the shape of a tree with leaves
Mariann Johansen-Ellis - Paintings for Sale
a plate with an image of a bird on it sitting on a wooden table top
Home - Fine Little Day
Found Makoto Kagoshima | Fine Little Day
a ceramic plate with an animal on it
a painting of a woman holding two birds
Charming Watercolor Illustrations Capture Adventures of Women and Their Animal Companions
two birds flying next to each other on top of a white background with red and blue berries
Laura Middleton Art - Barn Swallows
Laura Middleton Art - Barn Swallows
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Originals — misty mawn
Bubble Printing With The Gelli® Plate
Have you ever tried bubble printing on the gel printing plate? It's super easy and fun and it creates a unique frosted texture suitable for all of your winter paper and cardmaking projects. Gelli Arts® artist Mollie Weston uses washing up liquid to create bubbles and she prints with acrylic paint, a 4"x6" Gelli Arts® printing plate and a Mini Placement Tool. #gelliarts #gelprinting #printmaking #monoprinting #cardmaking #wintercrafts #printingplate #bubbleprinting
a painting of a mermaid holding a guitar