Tender Leaf

Botanical art has been popping up in interior design quite a lot these last few years. Very much on trend now are delicate illustrations of tender leaves with wonderful shapes. http://livcorday.com/inspirations/tender-leaf/
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Dutch artist Albert Koetsier makes x-ray photographic art. At beyondlight.com you can see his fantastic images of animals, shells and plants. His series ‘The lungs of the earth’ features, amongst many others, ginkgo, maple and eucalyptus leaves.

Beyond Light, a web site about Albert Koetsier's artwork about the intersection of art (photography) and science (X-Rays)

Here’s a fun DIY project: collect the most exquisite leaves from your garden or on a walk through the woods. Dry them and stick them on the prettiest paper you can find.

love both the concrete walls and the pressed flowers categorized on the wall - a catalogue of there findings?

Beside her work as an interior designer and a textile designer, the Danish Pernille Folcarelli produces handmade botanical illustrations. They look best hanging together in just a few frame styles.

Let your home be a showcase for stunning artwork by keeping the paint and furniture choices simple. Plus, we can’t think of a better sophisticated space to enjoy a Nespresso creation in.

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