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a person's hand holding a yellow object in the sand on top of a beach
all the beauty things...
all the beauty things...
the words you can do this written in black ink on a yellow background
I need help. My parents are too much... but maybe its a big fat fucking warning, and maybe i should listen to it. Maybe this is a trap. Maybe going on that path is one that ultimately ends in death. But why would the universe hand me something like that? I just know I’m scared. I’m so scared. And I don’t even want to live anymore because this worlds too fucking scary. Holy shit I’m not okay.
the words don't give up are written in black on a yellow background
the words stay positive written in black ink on a pink background
the future is bright written in white ink on a pink background with stars around it
The Future Is Bright
the sky is filled with pink clouds and a half moon in the distance on a clear day
Dreamy sky
achtergronden iphone - Google zoeken
achtergronden iphone - Google zoeken
the 30 day photography challenge is shown with pictures and words on it, including an apple