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Stability in Layouts (Source: SwingBig)

Hi All, Today I wanted to share a really fast drill that you can do on beam to improve both your gymnasts layout step-outs and their stability.

Snap Throughs, Yurchenko rotation, Flattening Hips on Round-Off, Backhandspring Snap Downs

Ah I miss gymnastics a lot. "Snap Throughs" -- good for yurchenko rotation but could also use it for flattening hips on round-off and back handspring snap downs

Presentation, beam (Source: SwingBig)

Hi All, Today I'm going to share one of my tips for developing presentation on beam with little ones. We all know developing presentation in young gymnasts

Back Tuck Conditioning

Back Tuck Conditioning drills - Her voice is quite annoying after listening to it over and over again - but she does have some very good drills for girls who are at the level of learning a tuck, but need some helpful tips to get them there.


Acro warm up