Coincidence Or Not??

Coincidence Or Not? No its not a coincidence you idiot, some loser sat down and figured that out, instead of actually doing anything productive or interesting with their valuable, short and precious lives they made a dumb post to impress people.

I only have to think of you and this tired angry face lights up with a smile only you can cause...I love you baby. *j

I wear this smile everyday he goes out of his way to make sure I'm smiling and laughing. Ain't that live when we both can still make each other smile after all these years~my baby❤️

i still love this. some people just need a high five. in the face. with a chair. cause some people deserve it ya know.

Voor meer prachtige teksten..

Voor meer prachtige teksten..

Those 2 days I got yo eat lunch with you. just looking across the table wondering how I got so lucky😭😭😭💔💔💔

This is so true of course!

there are 2 people in my life . both famous screamers of acceptance while spewing hate . I’ll never understand it

Jarig zijn! Toch maar vieren op 2 oktober a.s.!

"Anniversary celebration is healthy. Research has shown that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer .