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a white and pink tile wall hanging on a wall next to a wooden flooring board
Ecru Rose Stripes Zellige
Moroccan Ecru Rose Stripes Zellige Tiles are handcrafted natural clay tile, glazed in a wide range of vibrant colours. Zellige tiles are unique and amaze you by reflecting various tones, under the different light conditions and time of the day. Zellige production is labour-intensive. Each one is hand-chiselled, dried and kiln fired before an enamel glaze is applied by hand. This process means that each Zellige tile has a unique, irregular finish and no two are the same which will add attractiven
a hallway with tiled walls and flooring next to a white door in the corner
Wandtegels jaren 30 en anno 1900 via
Renoveren in jaren 30 stijl en anno 1900 | Alphonse Mucha | Claude Monet | Arts en Craft | w.b. Simpson | Jugendstil | Art Nouveau | Victoriaanse tegels | victorian tiles | Faberge | meesterwerken - masterpices | sir Laurence Alma Tadema Moulded tiles | relief tegels | art deco | metrotegel | Mackintosh
a chair sitting on top of a rug in a room
Home visit with film producer Rachel Bodros Wolgers
Home visit with film producer Rachel Bodros Wolgers
a man in a white chef's coat walking into a room with art on the walls
Merivale’s latest Coogee opening is 5 years in the making