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D.I.Y mutsen gemaakt van shirts

Hats made from Old Sweaters (nothing is safe from my scissors…ha!)

Remember how I put up a post last Friday about our little Denver meet-up? And then I said to check back later, because I had a post ready to go up? Yeah, sorry about that. Plans changed. My littlest one hasn't been feeling well lately. And the second half of Friday turned into a fussy-bucket day. You see, it's teething season. And with teething season comes achy little gums and low fevers and cranky nights and tugging at ears. I took my little teether to the doctor a week ago, sure she had…


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Wil jij zelf regelmatig een mooi creatief en uniek bloemstuk maken? Dat kan. Met de maandelijkse instructievideo's leg ik je stap voor stap uit hoe.