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an empty classroom with desks, chairs and lockers on the walls in front of windows
Waanzinnig mooi interieur voor de Dick Brunaschool
an empty classroom with tables and benches in front of large windows overlooking the outdoors area
Inrichting kleutergroep
a blue and white striped stool on wheels
Inrichting primair onderwijs - Gispen - Presikhaaf Schoolmeubelen
two children's wooden toys with storage bins
Home - KG Rolf
a wooden shelf filled with lots of crafting supplies on top of a floor next to a door
Het beste voor kinderen
Decoration, Kids' Room, Childcare Center, Kids Playroom, Kids Play Area, Kids Room, Kids Design, Indoor Playroom
Speelmeubel / Opbergmeubel Groot
there is a wall with pictures on it and some bins in front of it
In de hoek: de bouwhoek - Klas van juf Linda
a room with some shelves and drawers in it
Interieur kinderdagverblijf Zazou
four different views of a curved bench made out of cardboard and plywood with green paint
Home - BCI Fabrikant van schoolmeubilair sinds 1925
an office with tables, chairs and television in it's center area is shown
Inrichting kleutergroep
a wooden bench with four storage bins on it's sides and a striped cover over the top
meubelfabriek - Banken en Fauteuils
a child's play room with toys and decor
an empty room with yellow furniture and large windows in the back ground is a storage area for children's toys
KUSTER [onderwijs]vormgever | Basisschool De Elstar