Plumbago - so pretty & cheerful.

Plumbago - thrives in the hot Texas summer. Disease- pest- and deer-resistant. Can grow into a large bush, and also can be trained to grow on a trellis.

Wild flowers, 1 bag of seeds gives this result. I alway sow them in large pots on my roofterrace

Seed Mat Wild Flower Mix - so pretty! Easiest way to create a border of wild flowers With the 'Wildflowers Mix' you can create a wild flower meadow in your garden.

Here's a beautiful yard, that's functional, and edible, as well as beautiful. It's hard to see an image like this and not wish for a simpler life.

A cottage house and a cottage garden this is cute! I need a plan for my yard 2 acres of wild stuff just looks wild! I so want a cottage when I grow up!

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