Een kleiportret maken.

Terrific step by step visuals / Orig Post: How to model a clay doll head - pictorial sculpting tutorial.


Leuk+voor+de+Kerst mossy pinecones hanging off our dining room light would be pretty and not too fussy.

t-licht houder voor moederdag

hand built pottery - hanging lantern ● Helen Vaughan ● throw a closed form, punch hole with can or cut freeform hole, poke some holes in the top, great raku possibilities!

gold rimmed ceramics - so pretty and I love the colors.

24 Elegant Ceramic Decorations Showcasing Delicacy

Marij Rahder 7

Mushroom characters from a forest world - frilly dress, gnarly faces, large hats, size and shape ~~ Marij Rahder 7 Supernatural Style

Sapin de Noël

Spread some holiday cheer and decorate your home with these DIY Pinecone Christmas Trees. Create your own mini pinecone trees with spray paint and wine corks. Set up a little pine tree forest on the mantle, or take some to a local elderly home for the hol

simpel maar leuk.

19 Stunning Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas - Brown and earthy are not your usual Christmas theme, but this year, try something new with the rustic mood that wood and nature provide.


A holiday centerpiece placed on your party table can impress your guests and make your party more incredible. Here are some creative and classy centerpiece ideas.

Quelles pièces de décoration d’hiver aiment les Français ? 8 exemples inspirants ! - DIY Idees Creatives

Quelles pièces de décoration d’hiver aiment les Français ? 8 exemples inspirants ! - DIY Idees Creatives

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You still have plenty of time to decorate prior to the holiday season. Check out these 25 rustic DIY Christmas decorations to get you started!

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43 DIY concrete crafts - Hand Blown Concrete Bowls- Cheap and creative projects and tutorials for countertops and ideas for floors, patio and…