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This is what make up dreams are made of girls! This is our XL pro hollywsood mirror which features a sleek white design with 12 LED frosted light bulbs- essential for ensuring a flawless skin finish all

If only you could read my mind you'd be in tears

ebriosity: - journal // “Strange words, stranger thoughts” I’m not always what I say out loud. IG: elesq (Please don’t remove the caption) ”

Verjaardag birthday

25 Happy Birthday Funny Quotes

Another 365 Days Since You Fell Out Of A Vagina Hooray! Better make sure their mum didn't have a caesarean section, or this joke becomes redundant. A hilariously honest happy birthday card for a friend or family member.

Makeup blauwe ogen

Eye-Popping for deep set The only thing missing from this blue eyes makeup tutorial is false lashes by Minki Lashes to make them POP even more.

Think positive; Een bijzonder cadeau voor je beste vriendin, vriend of geliefde. Door Creatiefidee12

The Instinctive Scrapper: DIY Teacher Gifts, Part 2

His opinion does not define you.

his opinion does not define you. Ambivalently Yours: The Feminist Artist Who Crushes Female Stereotypes On Pink Paper.

Ook leuk om kado te geven aan een vriendin.

Playing cards book of LOVE! Turn a deck of cards into a book with 52 reasons why you love your Valentine. Such a cute idea! Could even be a (reusable) coupon book. One thoughtful or loving idea for each of the 52 weeks of the year!