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Good for protective behaviours exercise wit kids.A hand with a heart (translate) Lemay Lemay De Groof. This would make a great candy dish for grandparents (with the kids' hand prints) if you mod-podged it.

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40 Craft Ideas Especially for Boys

This seashell pencil holder is a fun yet extremely simple craft using a tin can and air drying clay. Maybe not seashells, but beads? Love the air-drying clay idea.

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Unique Craft with Beach Shell Decorative Ideas

Easy seashell kids craft tutorial By Hoppin Up. this would be a great way to save the shells from the beach

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Clay Cupcakes

For the past two weeks, my class and I have been working on an art project - cupcakes made out of clay! Here is how we did it - Make a ball of clay. Turn this ball into a pinch pot (which will be the base of your cupcake) Make another ball…

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Salt Dough Flower Fingerprints

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Tuto fimo : Nemo

Nemo figurine Tutorial Ever wanted to make a figurine of Nemo. Well here is a great tutorial to help you make Nemo figurine Tutorial. This tutorial was created by The Cakeldy.

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65 ιδέες για διακοσμητικά με πηλό που στεγνώνει μόνος του.

moederdag/vaderdag A very quick pencil tray make together with your child, super fun! Fun for father or mother