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the cover of bazaar magazine with an abstract painting on it's front and side
Harper's Bazaar taps Emilio Pucci for limited-edition cover art for April issue
an image of colorful flowers and leaves on a brown background with red, blue, yellow, orange, and green colors
Zanzibar Linen Print by Schumacher Fabrics | Store
an orange and blue background with flowers on it
Kimono Pattern with Daisies 1880s
a blue and white fish shaped dish on a white background with the shape of an animal's head
Leonard Joel Auctions
Switzerland, Black, Kimono Art, French Text, Dust Jacket, Binding, The Fosters, Printed Shower Curtain
Kimono; Art Traditionnel du Japon by Sylive and Dominique Buisson - Hardcover - 1983 - from Foster Books - Stephen Foster, ABA, ILAB, PBFA (SKU: 65357)
a blue and white rug with an arrow pattern on it
Untitled and Staying That Way.
No title Johannes Van Uden
the wall is decorated with birds and flowers
Interiors — Nicky Pasterfield
Commission Hand Painted Decorative Art — Nicky Pasterfield
a blue and white floral design on fabric
Search the Collection - Winterthur Museum
Textiles - Textile, printed - Search the Collection - Winterthur Museum
there is a drawing of flowers on the wall with words above it that read theatre lure
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